Biomedical Treatment

Biomedical Treatment focuses primarily on the root-cause of the medical condition. You may access an underlying medical condition from Observation, Blood, Urine or Stool tests and address the root cause with “Biomedicine”. The idea is to optimize the overall health in aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health through specific Biomedical Treatment based on the following components:


  • An Autism Friendly Diet

  • An Individualized Supplement Plan

  • Using Beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics)

Alex Family

Autism-friendly Diet

Rationale: Management of Inflammation and support the Digestive & Immune System

Treatment: An Autism-friendly diet needs to be fit multiple aspects of being low in allergens and anti-inflammatory properties, whilst being rich in whole grains, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and other nutrients.

Individualized supplement plan (Vitamins, Minerals, Oils)

Rationale: Beneficial towards many processes including cognitive skills, Methylation Circle, Immunity, Digestion,
Control of oxidative stress, as well as mental and emotional health.

Treatment: An Autism Supplement Plan needs to accommodate a good base of a Multivitamin and Mineral Plan in
an activated or bioavailable form, as well as Omega Oils.  This is beneficial towards many processes in the body including cognitive skills, Methylation Circle, Immunity, Digestion, management of oxidative stress, as well as mental and emotional health.

Beneficial Probiotic (Bacterial) Strains.
Rationale: Plays major roles in Mental health and Immune function, Digestion and synthesis of Vitamins. 

Treatment: An Autism Probiotics Plan contains beneficial bacteria strains as they fulfill incredibly important bio-chemical processes including synthesize of Vitamins and hormones, digestion of food and are the counterpart of the Immune System.

Safety and effectiveness:

In general, all supplements and probiotic strains suggested within the “Autism Uncovered” Coaching Program are classified safe (S1) and scientifically proven effective. Administration of the correct dosages are important to prevent overdosage which is not a serious concern with Water-soluble Vitamins, but overdosage on some Fat-soluble Vitamins may be harmful long term.

There are possibly risky practices (for example Chelation). Those are not part of our Coaching Plan as safety is paramount.

Goal of this Coaching Program:

The Course program is designed to empower parents through Knowledge in the significant role they are playing on their child’s health journey. Biomedical Treatment is a safe and effective resource to manage the underlying health issues which present themselves in diverse symptoms upon the surface. We want to improve, ease, or relieve those symptoms.

The goal is to work in harmony and support with the body to optimize mental, emotional, and physical health. This will create a bodily environment in which our children feel comfortable and manage to navigate through our (often) not-Autism friendly world.

The Goal is to support our “neuro-diverse” autistic Children to reach their full potential and happiness.

Autism has no cure as it is a neurodiversity or phenotype in humans and bears its own potential.
We parents can nourish and grow the amazing abilities and that potential our children possess and are meant to be. I am excited to be part in planting such seed today…