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Coached Experience

Our 9-week Autism Transformation Program

Navigating you & your child through our evidence-based 9-Week Autism Transformation Program towards holistic health, clear progress, and significantly improved quality of life that will benefit everyone in your home. 


Specializing in areas like mood management, sensory issues, anxiety, aggression, sleep, and fostering your child's speech journey and more. 

The program is structured around The Three-Key-Fundamentals:

  • Functional Interventional Protocol

  • Home-Based Sensory Play for Growth

  • Reclaiming your Power & Happiness!

Step into our judgment-free space, where your voice is heard and valued. As your ally and fellow parent, I offer unwavering support, dedicated to your well-being.

Look forward to welcoming you and guiding you through your Autism Journey.

Let's Push it!!

Coach Alex

Cultivating Inner & Outer Environments for Our Kids to flourish

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The Three-Key-Fundamentals

Unlocking your child’s full potential

Here the Three-Key-Fundamentals of our 9-Week Autism Transformation Program:

Functional Interventional Protocol

Experience a transformational breakthrough in symptoms through evidence-based health optimization, such as Functional Intervention or Biomedical protocols. From customized autism-friendly diets to targeted supplementation plans and safe detox methods, we address health issues exacerbating symptoms. This comprehensive approach optimizes your child's health, identifies bottlenecks or system impairments, and instils a state of optimized function. By addressing the underlying cause, we positively improve surfacing symptoms.

Home-Based Sensory Play for Growth

Enhance your child's development and sensory needs with ease through play in the comfort of your home, inspired by elements of occupational therapy tailored around your child’s needs. We are creating a comforting space through smart tools and engaging toys to nourish your child's developmental growth and harness emotional regulation & balance.

Reclaiming your Power & Happiness!

Empowering parents by witnessing their child’s autism journey unfolding. Through creating a supportive space for your emotional expression and offering clear step-by-step guides, you'll be equipped with effective strategies and essential knowledge, fostering confidence in both your abilities and your child's future. As we transform your child’s health and symptoms, you'll witness their progress first-hand. This journey facilitates your transition from feelings of sadness and helplessness to clarity, success, and empowerment.

The synergy of these three potent pillars significantly magnifies their impact, fostering tranquillity within your family dynamic and ultimately cultivating a harmonic family environment and instils trust in the future.

Looking forward guiding you on your Autism Journey

Coach Alex

Together moving forward!

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Video Consultation

Discover What's Included:

A Peek into Our Coaching Journey

During our 9-Week Autism Transformation Program, we'll conduct two weekly private, one-on-one video sessions, totalling 3 hours each week and spanning a comprehensive 27-hour coaching duration.


Additionally, you'll receive educational PDF resources and hands-on video materials from our extensive course database.


In times of urgent challenges, I'm just a WhatsApp message away, committed to responding within a maximum turnaround time of 16 hours.


Throughout our journey together, your child's physical and emotional well-being will always remain at the forefront of every decision and action we undertake.


Warm regards, Alex
Founder, Autism Uncovered | Autism Advocate |

Single Mom of Two Amazing Autistic Children

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Inspire our kids to discover life with curiosity.

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Kickstart Your Kid's Journey

In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Schedule your Appointment

Experience a streamlined appointment booking process in just a few simple steps. I look forward to welcoming you to our initial complimentary meeting. Alternatively, feel free to reach out via email at or WhatsApp at

+49 1590 6252030.

Step 2: Our first Complimentary Meeting

In our approximate 60-minute Video session, we'll get to know each other and establish a safe space for you to discuss your child's autism journey. Together, we'll explore your aspirations for your little one and introduce the Autism Action Plan—a strategic, step-by-step intervention guide tailored uniquely to your situation, as every child is unique. You're welcome to share any medical reports you're comfortable with, as these insights will form the foundation of your customized 9-Week Autism Transformation Program.

Steps 3: Time for Action - Initiation of your Coached Experience 

Following this introduction, our initiation meeting delves deeply into the details of the 9-Week Autism Transformation Program & tailored strategy. addressing any questions to get ready to launch your journey.

Please feel free to download the Week-by-Week description of the 9-Week Autism Transformation Program as a full PDF.

Warm regards 

Coach Alex

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