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Welcome to Autism Uncovered

Embark with your child on an Autism Transformative Journey following evidence-based strategies.
Our step-by-step process leads to profound Progress & Happiness, unlocking your child's full Health & Developmental Potential.
We present two options: Coached Intervention - or - Our Self-Guided E-Book Series.
  • Guided Experience: Enrol in our 9-week Autism Transformation Program for personalized support, tailored strategies, and weekly one-on-one video meetings with me, Coach Alex
  • Self-Guided Intervention: Explore our E-Book Series "The Self-Guided Autism Intervention Guide,” guiding you through each step in your autism transformational journey, with content progressively building upon each other for success.
Let's take action & Push it!
Warm regards, Alex
Founder, Autism Uncovered | Autism Advocate |
Single Mom of Two Amazing Autistic Children
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Let's see oúr Children blossom within their Neurodiversity!

Tom and Mama High Five_edited.jpg
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The Power of Your Determination & Action

Let's embark on this Pathway to Growth, Abundance and Empowerment!

I've walked in your shoes as a parent, facing the challenges of raising not just one, but two autistic children. It was a journey marked by hardship, helplessness, and isolation. But I refused to let those struggles define our Life.

Instead, I fought tooth and nail for my kids, determined to create a brighter future for them. As autism parents, we often find ourselves navigating this path alone, but I'm here to tell you that change is possible, and it starts with us Parents and our Determination.  

I've seen first-hand the power of taking action. Every decision I made, every step I took, brought my kids & family closer to transformation and happiness.


If you're ready to make a change, if you're ready to fight for your children's future, then join me in taking action today.

Together, we'll uncover the full potential of your child and create a nurturing environment where our children can thrive.

Thank you for choosing Autism Uncovered—I'm honoured to be part of your journey.


Alexandra Blume

Founder of Autism Uncovered, Autism Mom & Autism Advocate

Transforming your Child's Autism Journey

& Growing their Full Potential!


Meet our Family 

We focus on freedom, happiness, and health celebrating a vibrant Life with Autism while we cherish & respect each other's unique needs.


Join us on thrilling adventures, from zoo outings and hiking escapades to camping trips and plane journeys. Whether we're exploring indoor playgrounds, climbing centres, or wildlife parks. 


In our neurodivergent family, Autism does not hold us back as we Embrace life to the fullest.

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