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I am Alex and the mother to my two amazing boys age 7 and 4 years. We all have Autism Spectrum Disorder, and yet we are an incredibly happy All-Autism Family. Next to my Autism Spectrum Disorder I have co-existing conditions including ADHD, OCD, Depression and Anxiety Disorder.


Yes, I manage to create a balance by optimizing my overall health with Biomedical Treatment, Mindfulness, and embracing the benefits that are part of my Autism: My Discipline, Creativity, Dynamics, Problem Solving Skills or becoming an Expert in my obsession: Autism.

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Autism Course Certificate

Autism Certificate

(UC Davis Medical Center in California)

Certificate Microbes

Gut Microbe Certificate

(University of Colorado Boulders)

Certificate 3.jpg

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

(Stanford University through Coursera)