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​During the 5 week Biomedical Treatment Coaching Program you have unlimited access to all Recordings, Videos and a Document Database of “Autism Uncovered”. Being a parent of a Special Needs Child means you have very limited time and for that reason all recordings are between 5 to 10 minutes only. You can access it from your phone, tablet or other electronic device with Internet access and watch it within your time and comfort.

We would “get together” twice a week through Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom Meetings to address any questions and give constructive support. I will knowledgeably and emotionally support you. 

There are two Coaching Options: Individual or Small Group.

Within the “individual” or “One on One coaching program” you have your full privacy and time to discuss the progress and address your questions directly to me, your coach Alex. We would meet twice a week for 1 ½ hours by appointment, subject to availability, which may be more flexible for you.

The alternative is a Small group setting of no more then 5 families. Here you share within the group your questions, experiences and it may be beneficial to experience an uplifting Group spirit and emotional support from the group dynamics. We share the time to discuss the progress and address your and the group members’ questions with me, your coach Alex. We would meet you twice a week for 60 minutes, within the time slots you chose: 

We have two time slots:


Our Time GMT +2

GMT Time 0

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday





Both my children have Autism and as a mother I understand you firsthand. I am happy and open-minded to share my personal experiences and my skills and knowledge I gathered working with other “Autism-Families”. I am myself Autistic and from my perspective I may bring you some light into where you seek understanding. 

How does it feel or is like to be Autistic?

How do we Autistic people perceive the world around us?

Why we do or says things that seem odd or inappropriate at times?

Course Options

USD 447.00

per family

5 Weeks Course alone,

no coaching.

 USD 947.00

per family

5 Weeks Course with 10 sessions

of group coaching.

USD 65.00

per session

Individual Coaching 1:1 per hour

Course Structure



Hidden medical Aspects of Autism & Gut Microbiomes 

Intro Video: Goal of our Course and into an Autism Friendly Future
Autism: A multi-systematic hidden medical condition
Relation between Surfacing Symptom and Hidden underlying Condition
What is Biomedical Treatment or Functioning Intervention
Beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics) & Prebiotics

Gut Microbial Ecosystem: A healthy Ecosystem vs. a typical Autistic Gut Ecology (Dysbiosis, Antibiotics, C-section birth)
Strategies to a healthy Gut Ecology



Autism-friendly Diet and Digestion

Intro Video
Autism Friendly Diet: Avoidance of Allergies, Sensitivities, Inflammation (GFCFSF)
Autism Friendly Diet: Inclusion of optimal Nutritional Food groups, Herbs and Spices
Homemade: Gluten-free Bread & Vegan Butter and gluten free Oat-milk
Download: Suggested Meal Plans & Food Preparation ideas
Gut Treatment & Digestive Support
Food Labels and Food Chemicals

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Detoxification and Basic Autism Multivitamin & Mineral Supplements

Intro Video

Detoxification at home Bioavailable Supplements: Autism-essential Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement Table B6 & Magnesium Therapy

Methylation Support

Administering Medication


Emotional & Mental Support: Mood, Cognitive Function and Sleep Support


Managing Anxieties and Aggression
Managing Depression and Mood Disorders
Supporting Speech Development
Supporting the Nervous System
Managing Sleep Disorder
Detoxification Support 
Probiotic Use to Manage Mood “Psycho-biotics”


The Autistic Immune & Nervous System 


Managing Oxidative Stress
Mitochondria Support
Gut Transplant (FDA approved)
Environmental & Dietary risk factors for Autistic People
Vaccine Controversy