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Autism Uncovered

Imagine the most important Piece of the Autism Puzzle was YOU!

Imagine you would Uncover Autism’s hidden medical Aspects and empower yourself with the toolbox of knowledge to deal with them. You could be the one guiding your Autistic child to optimum Health, Happiness and Connection to our world.

This is called “Biomedical Treatment” which is a save and scientifically proven effective Therapy which takes place at your home. This intervention combines an Autism Friendly Diet, an Individualized Supplement Plan, and beneficial Probiotic Strains within one program.


Where do I start? 

You probably have questions right?


Like how and why does it help?

What is an Autism Friendly Diet?

And which Minerals, Vitamins and Probiotics are essential and make sense?

My name is Alex, and I will navigate you through the complexity of Autism and Biomedical Treatment. 

Join me on a 5 week Autism Support & Coaching Program and I will guide you through the application of Biomedical Treatment and you can watch your child blossom.

Alex Family
Alex Family

About Biomedical


Biomedical Treatment focuses primarily on the root-cause of the medical condition. You may access an underlying medical condition from Observation, Blood, Urine or Stool tests and address the root cause with “Biomedicine”. The idea is to optimize the overall health in aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health through specific Biomedical Treatment based on the following components:


  • An Autism Friendly Diet

  • An Individualized Supplement Plan

  • Using Beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics)

Course Outline

During the 5 week Biomedical Treatment Coaching Program you have unlimited access to all Recordings, Videos and a Document Database of “Autism Uncovered”. Being a parent of a Special Needs Child means you have very limited time and for that reason all recordings are between 5 to 10 minutes only. You can access it from your phone, tablet or other electronic device with Internet access and watch it within your time and comfort.

We would “get together” twice a week through Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom Meetings to address any questions and give constructive support. I will knowledgeably and emotionally support you. We can do this one-on-one or in a small group.

Course Structure



Hidden medical Aspects of Autism & Gut Microbiomes 



Detoxification and Basic Autism Multivitamin & Mineral Supplements



Autism-friendly Diet and Digestion



Emotional & Mental Support: Mood, Cognitive Function and Sleep Support



The Autistic Immune & Nervous System 

Alex Family
Our Family Story

I find myself again, sitting at the same desk I sat before, two years ago when my oldest son Tom was diagnosed with ADHD. At that time, it had felt like a relieve to know I had not failed as a mother. The year thereafter my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s which also had not much concerned me because Tom had appeared to be fine, just “a dynamic, happy 4 years old”. Yes, he was a bit slower in developing language and in other aspects to his peers, but I made peace with the idea that he would go to school at 7 years, and not at 6 years. No big deal, we are good.


But today I am petrified sitting here at that desk with our Occupational therapist who explains the long report of her findings. I do not hear much of what she speaks, awaiting her to reach the plateau. This time I know it is going to be big. I try to cover my fear with the appearance of confidence and paralyzed my face with a smile. But internally I am tense and trembling. My occupational therapist is telling me what I suspected: That my son Robin has Autism.