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Welcome to Autism Uncovered

Embark on a Transformative Journey with me, guiding families like yours with autistic children towards achieving profound progress with ease and happiness.


With evidence-based strategies and heartfelt support, we will unlock your child's full potential in a nurturing environment. 

Warm regards,


Founder, Autism Uncovered | Autism Advocate |

Single Mom of Two Amazing Autistic Children

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About: Transformative Jounrey

I am guiding You and Your child through my evidence-based 9-Week Autism Transformation Program toward holistic health, clear progress, and a significantly improved quality of life that will benefit everyone in your home.

My specialized areas include:

- Mood & Meltdown Management
- Sensory Integration & Hypersensitivity
- Channelling Anxiety & Aggression
- Tailored strategies to support healthy sleep
- Fostering your child's global development
- Speech Development

Each aspect is personalized to your unique home and autism dynamics, ensuring your specific needs are met.


The Coaching Program is built on three pillars, blending the most effective tools.


Firstly, the Functional Intervention Protocol, also known as Biomedical Intervention, utilizes evidence-based health optimization to achieve profound breakthroughs in your child’s symptoms.

Secondly, we implement Occupational Therapy-based Home Strategies to nurture growth and address sensory needs seamlessly through play in your home environment.

The third element is You - reclaiming your power - emotionally, mentally, and physically as you witness your child's autism journey unfold through your decisions and actions.

I'm here to support, encourage, and guide you through your Autism Journey.

Look forward to welcoming you.


Let's take action and push forward!

Alex, Alexandra Blume

Founder of Autism Uncovered, Autism Mom & Advocate

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Welcome to our Family Gallery

We focus on freedom, happiness, and health celebrating a vibrant Life with Autism while we cherish each other's unique needs.


Join us on thrilling adventures, from zoo outings and hiking escapades to camping trips and plane journeys. Whether we're exploring indoor playgrounds, climbing centres, or wildlife parks. 


In our neurodivergent family, Autism does not hold us back as we Embrace life to the fullest.

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