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I am Alex

Mom at Heart, passionate Autism Advocate and Coach driven by Inner Calling. 

My Expertise
& Proficiencies 

Guiding you with confidence though every

step of your child's journey

My educational pursuits have led me to delve deeply into the intricacies of autism. Exploring various disciplines has granted me profound insights.


Uncovering autism's true nature beneath the surface and seeking its root causes rather than solely focusing on surface symptoms.

There are multiple medical aspects affecting various systems within the body, including the digestive system, immune system, nervous system, cellular metabolism, gene expression, undetected infections, nutrient deficiencies, compromised detoxification pathways, and more. These interconnected networks and their impairments burden optimal bodily function and contribute significantly to symptomatic challenges.

This understanding is not a novel revelation but has been substantiated by research over the past few decades. Unfortunately, discussing these facts is often tabooed to protect the sensitivities of some who may perceive them as offensive, as autism should not be viewed as a disease but rather as a neurodivergent or genetic condition hypersensitive to environmental factors. Our children deserve to live in a healthy and comfortable bodily environment, and it is our responsibility as parents to advocate for transparent communication that is sensitive yet not tabooed, in order to help our children achieve this. I challenge the common definitions and understandings of autism, which serves as the cornerstone of my innovative, holistic intervention approach. Through online courses, I have explored autism-relevant topics ranging from methylation to the impact of nutrition on nurturing a healthy nervous system. Hence, I offer practical solutions to parents through either my coached 9-week autism transformation program or my e-book series, which is written in a parent-friendly manner and is financially accessible to all. Autism Uncovered is not merely a project I embarked on. Rather, it has been my inner calling for the past six years, since my children's autism diagnosis and the subsequent hardships we faced. I have dedicated these years to research, education, and trial and error in my own home, reaching a point where I feel a readiness and an urge to push forward once again. I sincerely wish you strength, closure, and transformation for your children and yourself. "The Autism-Friendly Diet & Gut Health Protocol" journey highlights the potential for transformative interventions in autism's medical realm, offering families hope and guidance: Let's see our amazing Childen blossom within their Neurodiverence!

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Education & Trainings

Dedication. Expertise. Passion-driven.

My Mission

There is no greater Gift than witnessing your child transform into a better, happier, and healthier self.

At Autism Uncovered, our mission is to empower and support families navigating the journey of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with compassion, expertise, and innovation.


We are dedicated to challenging conventional definitions and understandings of autism, focusing on holistic interventions that address the root causes while providing practical solutions for everyday challenges.


Through personalized coaching, comprehensive resources, and a commitment to transparent communication, we aim to create a supportive community where families can find strength, guidance, and hope.


Our mission is to facilitate transformative experiences, fostering a brighter future for individuals with autism and their loved ones."

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Navigating Autism

My Personal Journey of Triumph & Struggle

As a parent of two children with autism/ADHD, I can deeply relate to your daily challenges. Simple tasks like eating, getting dressed, or bedtime routines can become monumental hurdles, triggering meltdowns and tears.

I vividly recall the early days of my son Robin's autism journey. Our once "normal" morning routine became a battleground, with Robin fixated on eating only salami and resisting getting dressed, often leading to intense meltdowns and even self-harm. It was a heart-wrenching struggle, filled with feelings of failure, helplessness, and overwhelming hurt. During this time, I desperately sought support, only to find disbelief and dismissal from those closest to me. The only interventions suggested were medications or endless therapy sessions, which seemed to offer little relief and added stress to our already challenging routine. The frustrations mounted as I encountered a lack of knowledgeable services, societal stigma, and the isolating stares of strangers. However, amidst the chaos, I found solace in my own journey as an autistic individual. Despite the challenges, I've learned to thrive and find fulfilment in life. I want to share this message of hope with you – that life with autism can be fulfilling, interesting, and deeply meaningful. Once I arrived at that place, it felt as an opportunity to exhale, relax, and embark on our own healing journey from feelings of despair, grief, anger, helplessness, and, simply put, trauma.  Today I feel enthusiastic and restrengthened - An Energy I am sharing with you throughout the Coaching to also uplift you.

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