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Meet Your Coach Alex:

That's Me

With over 5 years of experience in alternative and functional interventions, collaborating with numerous families, I've amassed knowledge through specialized training and US study courses. As a mother of two children with autism and ADHD, and being autistic myself, I possess an intimate understanding of the challenges and stresses involved, allowing me to offer effective solutions step by step.


My dedication to providing this service springs from a personal connection and a profound commitment to the well-being of families with autistic children. My goal is to establish an environment where families can find solace, abundant resources, and personalized support.


I've walked the path you're on – not from a textbook – but through lived experience as an autism parent myself. Recognizing the need for holistic support became apparent when I witnessed the limited resources and the absence of a comprehensive approach for families facing similar circumstances. Through my own journey and experiences, I've discovered effective methods to significantly enhance the quality of life for autistic children and their families.


So, above all else, I want you to feel assured that you are in a safe space to share, unload, and be heard. I provide a judgment-free environment where all your feelings are valued and acknowledged.


Much Love & Keep pushing it!



Alexandra Blume

Founder, Autism Uncovered | Autism Advocate |

Single Mom of Two Amazing Autistic Children

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Let's see oúr Children blossom within their Neurodiversity!

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Navigating Autism

My Personal Journey of Triumph & Struggle

As a parent of two children with autism/ADHD, I can deeply relate to your daily challenges. Simple tasks like eating, getting dressed, or bedtime routines can become monumental hurdles, triggering meltdowns and tears.


I vividly recall the early days of my son Robin's autism journey. Our once "normal" morning routine became a battleground, with Robin fixated on eating only salami and resisting getting dressed, often leading to intense meltdowns and even self-harm. It was a heart-wrenching struggle, filled with feelings of failure, helplessness, and overwhelming hurt.


During this time, I desperately sought support, only to find disbelief and dismissal from those closest to me. The only interventions suggested were medications or endless therapy sessions, which seemed to offer little relief and added stress to our already challenging routine.


The frustrations mounted as I encountered a lack of knowledgeable services, societal stigma, and the isolating stares of strangers. However, amidst the chaos, I found solace in my own journey as an autistic individual. Despite the challenges, I've learned to thrive and find fulfilment in life. I want to share this message of hope with you – that life with autism can be fulfilling, interesting, and deeply meaningful.


My firsthand experience navigating a hypersensitive body in a harsh world has taught me valuable insights into autism and the importance of finding the right strategies to navigate and embrace our differences. Autism isn't the problem; it's the symptoms that can make life challenging.


By understanding and embracing our unique neurodiversity, we can design lives that honour our strengths and accommodate our differences, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment. 

Keep Pushing & Be kind to yourself!


Much Love Alex

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We rise by uplifting Others.

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My proficiency & Expertise

My wealth of expertise will guide you through every stage of your child's path.

  • My Parental Journey: Navigating single parenthood with two children on the autism spectrum—one with Asperger's and ADHD, the other with Level II Autism.

  • My Autism and ADHD Experience: Flourishing as an autistic woman managing ADHD, providing firsthand insights into autism parenting and the hypersensitive autistic experience. As a voice for about 50% nonverbal autistic children, I offer greater understanding and clarity on parenting strategies.

  • Education and Training:

    • SNAP One-on-One Parent Training: Intensive week-long sessions led by expert trainer Annalies, focusing on Occupational Therapy, Biomedical Intervention, and positive reinforcement techniques.

    • Online Courses through US Universities: Completed courses on Autism

      • Spectrum Disorder

      • Gut Microbes & Health

      • Cellular Metabolism & Epigenetics

      • Nutrition & Health

      • Brain Health & Development


My educational endeavours have deepened my understanding of autism's intricacies, empowering me to better assist families. Exploring various disciplines, I've uncovered links between medical factors and autism symptoms. Through online courses, I delved into topics such as methylation and nutrition's impact, resulting in practical solutions like my e-book, 'The Autism-Friendly Diet & Gut Health Protocol.' This journey highlights the potential for transformative interventions in autism's medical realm, offering families hope and guidance.

There is no greater gift then witnessing your child transforming into a better, happier and healthier self.


My Mission

Fuel for my Advocacy

At the core of my mission is the seamless integration of health improvement, a nurturing and playful learning environment, and the empowerment of parents.


My empathetic approach ensures effective, step-by-step solutions that resonate with the unique challenges and stresses faced by families.


With all my personal experience, building impeccable knowledge and parental training I can illuminate the way forward out of misery for your family.


ach day you will refuel your inner strength and regain positive energy, and trust into the future, reclaiming my own inner strength, freedom, happiness and build a truly fulfilled life.


That’s why I decided to make this my mission, to advocate being here to you as a fellow autism parent, because I have been there and I won’t leave you alone at that place.


Much Love & Keep pushing it!


Founder, Autism Uncovered | Autism Advocate |

Single Mom of Two Amazing Autistic Children

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