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Transform Your Child's Autism Journey

Overcome daily Struggles and Hardships: Explore how you, as a parent, can achieve significant progress, happiness, and real breakthroughs in your child’s autism journey with

"The Autism Transformation Program".


Empowering Families

Coaching with Confidence: Tailored, goal-oriented, and solution-focused

Join us on an Autism Transformative Journey, where evidence-based strategies lead to clear progress in your child's development, emotional balance, and health.


Our Protocol, crafted from six years of advocacy and research. It perfectly blends effective methods from biomedical interventions, occupational therapy, and positive reinforcement.


We offer personalized support in our "The 9-week Autism Transformation Program" - or - clear steps in our E-Book Series. Let's make progress together!


Founder, Autism Uncovered | Autism Advocate | Single Mom of Two Amazing Autistic Children

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Unlocking Progress in Autism

Tailored Solutions for Lasting Change

Speech & Communication Challenges

Global Developmental (Potty Training, Life Skills and Independence)

Sensory Processing Disorder & 
Feeding Challenges

ADHD & Learning Difficulties

Sleep Disorders

Emotional Dysregulation: 
Meltdowns & Aggression

Alex Blume

Founder, Autism Uncovered | Autism Advocate | Single Mom of Two Amazing Autistic Children

Alex Blume has dedicated herself to training hundreds of families globally, guiding them to navigate through the challenges of autism and substantial Growth and Breakthroughs.

Alex is deeply committed to accompanying families with autistic children in their progressive development and holistic transformation.

As a parent of two autistic children and a neurodivergent woman, she intimately understands the challenges faced by autism families. Her passion for autism intervention, health, and research has granted her extensive knowledge and invaluable insights, contributing to her expertise on multiple professional levels.

Over the past six years, Alex has accumulated invaluable expertise and insight, empowering parents to reclaim their Strength and enabling children to embrace their unique Neurodivergent Gifts and unlock their full Potential.

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“From the day that I meet with Alex I am getting stronger every day and my boy is getting better day by day Thanks to Alex"


"I trust your knowledge and experience 100% and I know that I am always in good hands, when I receive help or advice from you."


"ALEX you are awesome Really.. my son is improving in so many ways and there is change since I started working with you..our family is doing well compared to 4 years ago.. I'm so grateful to work with you.."
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